November 24, 2018 Anina


Celebration of the 155 years of Anina-Oraviţa Railway November 24, 2018 

155 years ago, in the heart of the Anina Mountains was put into operation the first mountain railway in the present territory of Romania. The monumental technical and engineering achievement, called "Banat Semmering", assured the transport of coal, industrial products and travelers between Anina and Oraviţa, strong economic centers at that time. Throughout its existence, the railway operated continuously, contributing fully to the economic and social development of the area and becoming one of the imagery symbols not only of the Anina Mountains, but also of Caraş-Severin County and the entire Banat, being the witness all periods of ups and downs of these places.

The technical data describing this historic monument is unusual even today, much so for the half of the nineteenth century, when this achievement was impressive. It was necessary to construct 14 tunnels with a total length of 2084 m as well as a number of 10 viaducts with a total length of 843 m. On 34 km as the total length of the route between Oraviţa and Anina, the railway goes up by 340 m .

In addition to dealing with one of the most impressive technical and historical heritage objectives inherited from generations before, the Anina-Oraviţa mountain railway is one of the most important infrastructure elements in the Anina Mountains, which can depend on the economic revival of the Anina Mountains and the Caras - Severin County.

To mark the anniversary moment on November 24, 2018, local public authorities will organize, in cooperation with partners and friends in Pozarevac, the Republic of Serbia, an exhibition of photographs and other visual effects, at the tourist information point at Anina Train Station, exhibition to remind the beautiful lovers of the history of Semmering Banatan and it will be called Festival AniPo.

Events Schedule

  • 20-22th April 2018, Požarevac
    Friendship festival – football match

    New festival in Pozarevac with former football players from partner local self governments who will compete in a football match.

  • 06-08 July 2018, Anina
    Festival of friendship and art

    New festival in Anina where culture and art individuals and organisations from Serbia and Romania perform in front of regional public

  • 03-05 August 2018, Anina
    Festival „Days of Anina“

    Culture organisations will mutually perform and sports teams will compete at international football tournament

  • 31 August – 2 September 2018 , Pozarevac
    Festival „Ljubicevo equestrian games“

    Artistic performers and folklore groups perform on stage in frame of international cultural festival

  • 28-30 September 2018, Anina,
    Festival „Days of fall“

    Painters and exhibitionists from Serbia will present their work to regional public in Anina

  • 14-16 October 2018, Pozarevac
    Festival „Liberation Day“

    Cultural and artistic performance by artists from both countries

  • 10-12 November 2018, Pozarevac
    Festival „Armistice Day“

    Folklore and recital program 

  • 23-25 November 2018, Anina
    Festival „Days of friendship“

    Cultural, sports and art events

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