Home of the knights and ancient Roman myths

Welcome to Požarevac

We went to Požarevac this summer to explore some of the most exciting traveling paths we have ever seen.

Petar Slavković

Srbija za Mlade

Ergela Ljubičevo

One of the oldest horse farms in Serbia, founded in 1860 by Prince Milos Obrenovic

District building

The building was built in 1889 and was the largest and most representative administrative building of that time


One of the most important Roman cities and military camps in the period from 1st to 4th centuries

Places in Požarevac

Knjaz Miloš Monument

and other famous monuments

Ergela Ljubičevo

One of the oldest horse farm in Serbia

District building

Built in 1889

Treaty of Pozarevac (Passarowitz) 1718


Viminacium is an archaeological site near Stari Kostolac, 12 km from Pozarevac.

Gallery of Milena Pavlović Barili

located next to the building of the National Museum in the heart of the city

The National Museum

The second oldest museum in Serbia, founded in 1895.

The Museum of Cultural History

beautiful interior with stylish furniture

House of Dobrnjac family

In this building are exposed objects that belong to the First and Second Serbian Uprising.


One of the oldest sports facilities in Serbia

More trips in Požarevac

The spiritual center of the town of the Požarevac

Church of Saint Petka, located in the Busije, is one of the largest in Europe and the largest religious building dedicated to St. Petka. 

National library "Ilija M. Petrović "

It was founded on 27 January 1847, which puts it in one of the oldest cultural institutions, and the eleventh in the order established a library in Serbia. 

Gallery of Contemporary Art

Gallery of contemporary art is an unique exhibition space opened in April 2011. It is primarily intended for artistic and thematic exhibitions organized by the city museum, archive, library and Milena Pavlović - Barilli Gallery.

Etno Park Tulba

In the National Museum of Požarevac, created in 1972 ethno park Tulba, with a view to a public place of the traditional values ​​of folk architecture Braničevo from the 19th century and consists of three buildings: a two-part and four-part house and barn for grain storage.

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Ljubičevo Equestrian Games

Feast of Pozarevac

Ljubičevo Equestrian Games is an equestrian tournament held annually in Požarevac. In 2013, the tournament had its 50th birthday and was a central event in the whole region. The tournament is held during the first week of September.

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Festival of the Flowers in Požarevac

Festival of flowers and horticulture

Flower Festival is organized by the Tourist Organization of Pozarevac with the Association of florists in the districts, the Association of Beekeepers, all under the auspices of Pozarevac. 
The event in 2015 involved about 120 exhibitors.

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